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The First To Come Forward

When New York Post Reporter, Dana Kennedy, interviewed me in November 2022, I had no way of foreseeing the tidal wave effect of her writing. I was referred to as the first college-graduate to admit to being indoctrinated by Marxism, and to subsequently be deprogrammed. That was only the beginning. 

My story starts long before I entered college [in the Fall of 2011]. I am an only child from New York City, former competitive figure skater, and world traveller. I was an acolyte in the Episcopalian Church my parents were married in, and attended the same Upper East Side girls grade school that my mother, grand mother, and great grandmother had attended before me. 

I went to school a well-rounded, open-minded, light-hearted individual, and left an anxious, angry, confused social justice advocate, determined to fix a patriarchal system that had unknowingly burdened me my whole life.

After 4 years of indoctrination, I absorbed the leftist group think and became a feminist with a condescending view of men. My patronizing attitude led to countless fights with my family. I was under the impression that my mom didn't love me conditionally. I looked back at my life and started to lie to myself that my mother had subjugated me to evil control, because she, herself, was a victim of inherent gender bias and racism (and deep down everyone is suppressing their sexuality). I couldn't take her attempts to appeal to me, and eventually she stopped trying. We were estranged. I committed the next few years to Progressive political campaigns, and fighting the 'sexism entrenched in our patriarchal society'. In 2018, at 25, I hit my emotional breaking point. I got sober, I re-found God, and went home. 

Still gullible to the lies of the Marxism, it took a full two years of God consciousness and sober thinking before the "lights fully switched on." Amidst 2020 lockdowns, my newsfeed was an echo chamber calling for "mostly peaceful" violent riots. The hypocrisy of the BLM movement was made abundantly clear by a video that came through my newsfeed, disproving police racism. Furthermore, isolation and the ever changing facts around mask effectiveness (they protect, they don't protect) made one thing abundantly clear: I had been played a fool. 

Realizing I was wrong was a very humbling process. I started listening to outlets I had shunned, I struck conversations with conservatives, I asked my mom for articles, I made my way back to Church. I learned that my peers who believed in the greatness of our country, were truly happier.

Today I am a clear headed free-thinker committed to challenging the leftist ideology deeply engrained in our education system. I share my story to spread awareness of the Marxism in higher education that is tricking down to K-12 schools and corporate America. I provide tips for how families can prevent, or overcome, today's prolific leftist ideology, based on personal experience.

I consult with families in search of clarity and direction. If you, or anyone you know would like to set up a time to speak, please submit a request on my homepage. 

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